CONTOUR®NEXT test strips 35ct package

SKU: 85723154
CONTOUR®NEXT blood glucose test strips offer a simple solution for your testing needs with No Coding® technology, proven accuracy*, fast test time, and small blood sample. Second-Chance® Sampling allows you to apply more blood which may help to prevent wasting test strips and may help to save money.
  • No Coding® technology means one less step in testing and eliminates errors due to user miscoding
  • Second-Chance® sampling allows you to apply more blood which may help prevent wasting test strips and save money
  • Proven accuracy*
  • Automatic compensation for many common interfering substances (such as acetaminophen and vitamin C)**
  • Tiny 0.6 µL blood sample
  • 5-second countdown
  • Exclusively used with the CONTOUR®NEXT portfolio of meters

* Bernstein, et al. A New Test Strip Technology Platform for Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose. J Diabetes Sci
Technol 2013; 7(5): 1386-1399.

** Xylose: Do not use during or soon xylose absorption testing. Xylose in the blood will cause an interference.